Complying with Victorian Gender Equality Act & Organisational Change

Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020

Women’s Health In the North (WHIN) is an approved provider of services to support the implementation of the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020, via Gender Equity Victoria’s ‘Gender Equality Action Partnership’.

The Act commences 31 March 2021. Prescribed organisations will be required to conduct gender impact assessments, collect gendered workplace data and develop and report on a gender equality action plan every four years.

WHIN is approved to support prescribed organisations in the following areas:

  • Gender impact assessment (GIA), to guide organisations through the GIA process and support them to make adjustments to their policies, programs or services to improve gender equality outcomes; and
  • Developing and implementing strategies to improve gender equality, to provide best-practice guidance to support organisations to develop fit-for-purpose plans for improving workplace gender equality

For more information, contact WHIN and we will guide you in accessing support via the Gender Equality Action Partnership (AGEP).

Workplace Equality and Respect Standards

The ‘Workplace Equality and Respect (WER) Standards’ developed by Our Watch provide a framework for organisations to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women. These are accompanied by a suite of evidence-based resources to support their implementation.

WHIN is experienced at supporting organisations to implement the WER Standards and can provide a tailored package of training and consultancy to meet your needs.

Key components include:

  • introductory training sessions and presentations for the leadership group and relevant staff working group to establish a shared understanding of workplace gender equality.
  • support for collection of workplace data across the organisation using WER tools and existing workplace surveys.
  • facilitation of a WER Self-Assessment Workshop. Outcomes will highlight priority areas for future action.

A final report compiling the self- assessment workshop data and recommendations.

To request a quote or find out more about WHIN’s gender equity and preventing violence against women training, please contact the Health Promotion Team at Women’s Health In the North on