About Us

‘Women’s Health In the North (WHIN) works to strengthen women’s health, safety and wellbeing.’

Helen Riseborough

WHIN is the women’s health service in the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne.


  • provide health information and education to women and organisations
  • develop policy and research
  • create innovative resource materials
  • train health and welfare professionals
  • support and partner with other organisations on issues of strategic importance.

We are:

  • not-for-profit
  • member-based
  • run for and by women

Learn more about WHIN’s 25 year history through this engaging, pictorial guide.

Our region

We support women’s health in the northern metropolitan region (NMR) of Melbourne. The NMR’s population is increasing rapidly in the growth corridors extending through Hume and Whittlesea.

  • Our region’s suburbs are diverse in ethnicity, socio-economic status and infrastructure.
  • Over 41 percent of females living in WHIN’s region speak a language other than English at home.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians number 6,396 individuals (0.7%) of the NMR population, 51.9% of whom are female (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016, ABS Table Builder).