Training and Consultancy

In addition to our work on priority issues, WHIN also offers fee-for-service consultancy and training to support organisations to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women.

Contact us to discuss your training and consultancy needs.

Violence against women is a prevalent and serious human rights abuse that causes significant harm to individuals, families, communities and society. Worldwide research concludes that to prevent violence against women before it occurs we must take action to increase gender equality.

Through training and consultancy, WHIN works with you to build gender-equitable workplaces and communities where women and girls are respected and free from violence and harassment. Promoting gender equality in the workplace supports business performance and contributes to equal, safe and inclusive workplace cultures.

Building gender equality into services and programs strengthens community health and wellbeing, increases program impact, and builds equal, safe and inclusive communities.

WHIN leads the Building a Respectful Community Partnership, an alliance of 24 councils, health, community and education organisations committed to working together to prevent violence against women.

How Our Training and Consultancy Works

Each training module is delivered as a half-day (3.5 hour) interactive session. WHIN will meet with you to conduct a training needs assessment, tailor the training to your organisational needs, provide training handouts and resources, and deliver a training report. WHIN trainers have high levels of expertise and experience and in creating safe and welcoming training environments.

Online delivery is available if required due to accessibility needs or COVID-19 restrictions. WHIN can also provide consultancy in gender equitable policy and program development. WHIN staff are experienced at working towards organisational cultural change and can support you to conduct needs assessments and measurable and realistic action plans.

WHIN can deliver the standard training modules outlined, or develop a training and consultancy package to meet your organisation’s needs. To request a quote or find out more, please contact the Health Promotion Team at Women’s Health In the North on

A photograph of the back of two women looking at a whiteboard. The board is covered with large post-it notes in different colours. One woman is holding a whiteboard marker.
WHIN Health Promotion staff conducting an interactive workshop
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