Our Vision, Mission, Values: Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan (PDF)

WHIN is excited to launch our brand new Strategic Plan 2017–2021. It features our guiding approach, priority work areas and our strategies for working in these areas.




Our Vision

Women in the north have voice, choice and power in all aspects of their health, safety and wellbeing.

Our Mission

We work to eliminate gender inequities and improve outcomes in women’s health, safety and wellbeing.

Our Values

We are a feminist, ethical, inclusive, courageous and collaborative organisation.


Our Approach

Human Rights Based

Our approach places women’s human rights at the centre of our work and recognises the unequal distribution of wealth and power between women and men.

Social Justice Based

We recognise that health inequalities arise from social structures and systems driving unequal access to power, resources, decision making and opportunities.


Our approach aims to understand the context of power that acknowledges intersecting forms of structural oppression and resulting lived experiences which shape and impact women’s health, safety and wellbeing. We use an inclusive lens that complements population-wide approaches with targeted strategies.


Our work aims to promote equitable access and engagement that meets the diverse health literacy needs and preferences of all people, and that support individuals and communities to participate in decisions regarding their health and wellbeing.

Evidence Based

Our strategies and actions are informed by current evidence, research, consultation and evaluation to build knowledge and achieve continuous improvement.


Our work builds and strengthens cross-sector partnerships, demonstrates outcomes, drives long term change and is well resourced.  We acknowledge the interdependence that exists between social, built and natural environments.