Gender Equity, Health and Wellbeing Resources

Promoting Women’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing in Health Plans (PDF)

This resource supports the use of a gendered approach and gender analysis in municipal and health planning. This ensures that municipal health and wellbeing plans, integrated health promotion plans and strategic plans consider and respond to the health, safety and wellbeing of all women.

Applying a Gender Lens to COVID-10 Response and Recovery (PDF)

This resource can assist local government, health and community services to understand and raise awareness of the gendered impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as we move through response and into recovery.

After an outline of COVID-19 as a gendered issue and emerging gendered data, recommendations for local government and community health services in working towards a gender equal recovery.

Gender Analysis Tools

Gender analysis is a process of considering gender and gender inequalities when analysing data and program planning.  It can assist in ensuring the creation of gender equitable and inclusive communities.

WHIN has developed three resources to assist organisations to apply a gendered lens to their work.

Gender Analysis Overview (PDF)

This resource provides a brief introduction to key concepts of gender analysis and the rationale for applying a gendered lens to all plans, policy and practice.

Gender Analysis Planning Tool (PDF)

This tool is designed for use during planning processes and can be applied to organisational policies, corporate plans, projects, programs and services.  It guides staff on which questions to ask at each stage of program, policy and service planning.

Gender Equity Organisational Assessment (PDF)

This resource assists staff including senior managers and human resources teams to assess whether current workplace policies and practices are gender sensitive.  The checklist can be used to identify strengths and gaps to inform work plans.

To understand the work that underpins the resources on this page, visit the Gender Equity, Health and Wellbeing page in the ‘Current Work’ section of our website.