Economic Equality Resources

Economic Equality Discussion Paper (PDF)

The front cover of this report shows text that says 'Economic Equiality Discussion Paper'. The background is pale pink. Six cartoon women raise their hands at the bottom of the image. The WHIN logo appears in the top right corner.

This discussion paper examines economic inequality in Australia, and uses the ‘Let’s Talk Money’ program as a case study in addressing the challenges identified.

2021–2023 Evaluation Report for the ‘Let’s Talk Money’ Program (PDF)

The first page of the evaluation report for the let's talk money program

This evaluation report conducts a comprehensive analysis of the LTM program’s effectiveness and impact outcomes.

Economic Equality Fact Sheet: NMR (PDF)

The front cover of WHIN's economic equality fact sheet. A cartoon illustration of two people appear in the bottom right. The WHIN logo appears in the top right.

This resource presents the most recently available data about economic equality for the 496,191 women who call the Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region (NMR) home. The fact sheet is intended to inform and influence health planning across the region.

Financial Resilience During and After the Pandemic

The 'Let's Talk Money' logo appears next to text that says 'Financial resilience during and after the pandemic'.

As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s important to consider women’s financial security. See our step-by-step guide to build on your financial resilience.

Introducing ‘Let’s Talk Money’ (Video)

This video introduces the ‘Let’s Talk Money’ financial literacy program, explaining why it has been developed for refugee and migrant women, and describing the bilingual peer educator approach.

Let’s Talk Money Brochure (PDF)

The front page of the 'Let's Talk Money' brochure. A photograph of three women appears on the cover, alongside the let's talk money logo and the WHIN logo.

This ‘Let’s Talk Money’ promotional brochure outlines why the program has been designed for refugee and migrant women and describes the bilingual peer educator approach which delivers financial education on topics such as budgeting, saving, tenancy rights, banking and debt management.

Let’s Talk Money Evaluation Report (PDF)

The front page of the 'Let's Talk Money' evaluation report. A photograph of two women at a training session appears in the centre of the image. The 'Let's Talk Money' logo appears in the top right.

The independent evaluation report (left) and summary (below) of the 2018 ‘Let’s Talk Money’ program has been made possible through the generous support of Financial Literacy Australia (now Ecstra Foundation).

Let’s Talk Money Evaluation Report Summary (PDF)

The front page of the Let's Talk Money Evaluation Report Summary. The LTM logo appears in the top right. Also visible is a photo of two women in a training session.



Let’s Talk Money Workshop Request Form

The first page of the 'Let's Talk Money' request form. Text appears on the page, along with a photo of a woman in a hijab smiling at the camera.

The ‘Let’s Talk Money’ workshop request form is for migrant and refugee women wanting to participate in the program.

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