Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

A Strategy for Going South in the North 2016-2021 (PDF)

This resource focuses on addressing the significant sexual and reproductive health issues in the northern metropolitan region.



Sexual and Reproductive Health Factsheets

The factsheets provide a snapshot of the sexual and reproductive health status of women in the NMR. The factsheets contain data about fertility, contraception, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, cervical screening, HPV immunisation, Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and sexual assault. These factsheets are currently being updated and will be due for release in late 2019.


Banyule (PDF)

Darebin (PDF)

Hume (PDF)

Moreland (PDF)

Nillumbik (PDF)

Whittlesea (PDF)

Yarra (PDF)

Young Women (PDF)


Female Genital Cutting (FGC) Factsheets

The factsheets contain information such as why FGC happens, where it is practised, the different types of FGC, how it impacts on women’s and girls’ health, and where to get help and information.

Information for Women Who Have Had Female Circumcision (PDF) 

Information for Young Women: Female Circumcision (PDF) 

Information for Health Professionals: Female Circumcision (PDF)

To understand the work that underpins the resources on this page, visit the Sexual and Reproductive Health page in the ‘Current Work’ section of our website.