Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

MindCycle Video

‘MindCycle’ was a project exploring young people’s management of their mental health and menstrual health in the context of COVID-19. This video presents the experiences we heard, including the challenges young people faced and how they could better be supported to achieve good mental health and menstrual health outcomes.

Sex Ed 101 eBook (PDF)

In the COVID-19 pandemic, our Sexual and Reproductive Health team developed Sex Ed 101, a social media campaign exploring all things sex and bodies including consent, sex positivity, pleasure, STIs, contraception and more! This eBook is the compilation of posts from the Sex Ed 101 campaign, now available to download.

If you’re interested in acquiring a printed copy for your workplace, get in touch with our Health Promotion Officer Tilly Mahoney via

Sexual and Reproductive Health Fact Sheets

These sex positive fact sheets provide a snapshot of the sexual and reproductive health status of women in Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region (NMR). Produced in 2019, the fact sheets present data and information about fertility, contraception, unintended pregnancy, sexually transmissible infections, cervical screening, HPV immunisation,  negotiating consent, and sexual assault.  These fact sheets also explore the influences of gender norms, roles, expectations and power dynamics on sexual and reproductive health.

At WHIN, we believe that all women have the right to good sexual and reproductive health across the lifespan.

If you wish to access our earlier fact sheets, for example those released in 2016, please contact our sexual and reproductive health coordinator on 9484 1666.

Forum Series: ‘Addressing Reproductive Coercion’ (Part 1)

With our partner Women’s Health Victoria, we present recordings of our two-part forum series Addressing Reproductive Coercion.

Forum Series: ‘Addressing Reproductive Coercion’ (Part 2)

WHIN’s AGM 2019: Launch of our Sexual and Reproductive Health Fact Sheets

Side by Side: A Digital Story

‘Side by Side’ is a sexual and reproductive health, respectful relationships education program designed to meet the nuanced learning needs of young women from communities where FGC is traditionally practised. The program is culturally sensitive and complements existing sexual and reproductive health and respectful relationships education while also reinforcing primary prevention of violence against women messages.

A Strategy for Going South in the North 2016-2021 (PDF)

This resource focuses on addressing the significant sexual and reproductive health issues in the northern metropolitan region.


Female Genital Cutting (FGC) Fact sheets

The fact sheets contain information such as why FGC happens, where it is practised, the different types of FGC, how it impacts on women’s and girls’ health, and where to get help and information.

Information for Women Who Have Had Female Circumcision (PDF) 

Information for Young Women: Female Circumcision (PDF) 

Information for Health Professionals: Female Circumcision (PDF)

To understand the work that underpins the resources on this page, visit the Sexual and Reproductive Health page in the ‘Current Work’ section of our website.

Sexual Health Information Pathways Project – for International Students (SHIPP) Report

This report communicates the findings that emerged from consultation groups with international students and provides recommendations to better support the sexual and reproductive health of international students studying in Australia.

Sexual Health Information Pathways Project – for International Students (SHIPP) Report (PDF)