Preventing Gender-Based Violence Resources

Building a Respectful Community Strategy 2022–26 (PDF)

The new Strategy aims to guide and inspire organisations across Melbourne’s north to prevent gender-based violence and promote gender equity in workplaces, community groups and neighbourhoods, communications, services and facilities.  

Evaluation of the Building a Respectful Community Strategy and Partnership (2017–2021) (PDF)

This independent evaluation reports on the implementation of the Building a Respectful Community Strategy 2017–2021 and BRC Partnership. The report provides insight into the depth and breadth of prevention work occurring across the region and examples of how organisations are working to prevent violence against women and create more gender equitable workplaces and communities.

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence: 2020–2021 Campaign Resources

This is an annual, global campaign to end gender-based violence. In 2020 and 2021, WHIN led a social media campaign using inclusive social media tiles designed in-house, with the theme ‘Taking Action for Gender Equality Every Day’. This theme features one action per day that we can all take to prevent gender-based violence.

16 Days WHIN 2021 High Resolution Tiles (JPEGS in ZIP file 23MB)

Download the 18 high-resolution tiles in the above social marketing package via the zip file directly above, or by clicking the image below. These 2021 tiles include a few additions and updates on superannuation and COVID-19 impact.

Taking Action for Gender Equality Every Day Social Marketing Package 2020 (PDF)

This package, developed for the 2020 campaign, is designed to promote messages of equality and respect across the whole year, beyond the 16 Days. This content has not been updated since 2020, and the tiles above are the most current. Download the package by clicking the link above or the image at left.

Building a Respectful Community Strategy 2017–2021 (PDF)

This strategy works towards a gender equitable and non-violent community where women and girls are valued, respected and safe.

Leading the North to Prevent Violence against Women (Video)

This short video highlights the strong leadership in Melbourne’s northern region in the prevention of violence against women. It features workplace leaders from the Building a Respectful Community Partnership talking about gender equitable strategies they’re using in their workplaces.

Communications Guidelines for Preventing Violence Against Women (PDF)

This resource is for communications officers to support them in promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women. It provides a guide to performing gender analysis for communications outputs and considerations for gender-responsive practice.

Communications Guidelines for Preventing Violence Against Women (Webinar and Slide Handout)

This webinar is available alongside the resource Communications Guidelines for Preventing Violence Against Women which can be downloaded via the pdf. The webinar provides:

– an introduction to violence against women and how it is linked to gender inequality.
– a guide to applying a gender analysis
– language considerations
– strategies for messaging that promotes gender equality and prevents violence against women.

Building a Respectful Community Evaluation Report 2017–19 (PDF)

This evaluation brings together data from 24 organisations to evaluate primary prevention of violence against women action across Melbourne’s north and the Building a Respectful Community (BRC) Partnership approach. It reports on the first two years of implementation of the BRC Strategy and will inform future directions and actions for the next two years.

Preventing Violence against Women: Stories of achievement from Melbourne’s north: 2020 (PDF)

A collection of case studies of preventing violence against women projects across diverse settings and population groups, shared by the Building a Respectful Community Partnership. WHIN compiled this collection to promote evidence-based and intersectional practice and assist prevention workers to share learnings, challenges and successes. The previous collection of case studies from 2017 is also available here.

Preventing Violence against Women Infographic (Video)

Building A Respectful Community: Preventing Violence against Women in the North is our regional infographic clip. This conversation starter can be used as a resource for individuals and organisations working in the northern region of Melbourne to use and share.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: Campaign Toolkit (Updated 2019) (PDF)

 A tool kit to assist individuals and organisations to participate in the 16 Days Campaign in Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region.

PVAW Organisational Assessment Tool (PDF)

Preventing and Addressing Violence against Women Organisational Assessment Tool is a resource that takes a whole-of-organisation approach to preventing violence against women and outlines the key considerations for embedding this work.

For Love or Money (Film)

For Love or Money is a film that sets out to not only name and unpack ‘financial abuse’ as a form of violence against women but aims to open up dialogue about healthy financial relationships. The film supports the prevention of violence against women and promotes women’s financial security.  Contact us for a copy of the DVD.

For Love or Money Resource Notes (PDF)

The For Love or Money resource notes are an educational resource about financial abuse.  The notes provide information and activities about relationships, money and financial abuse to support the For Love or Money DVD.

Love Control (Film)

Love Control is an educative short film about how to recognise abusive behaviour.

Love Control: Resource Notes (PDF)

These resource notes were created to accompany the Love Control DVD. They explore how to use the film in a variety of settings (such as in individual support, schools, community groups, mixed gender groups and staff capacity building), how to respond to questions created by  the film, how to use the film to its maximum prevention potential, and ways to increase accessibility to prevention messages through using the Plain English version of the notes.

To understand the work that underpins the resources on this page, visit the Preventing Violence against Women page in the ‘Current Work’ section of our website.