Women’s Health In the North Welcomes State Government’s Future Commitment to Women’s Health in Victorian Budget  

26 May 2023

Women’s Health In the North (WHIN) cautiously welcomes this week’s budget announcements, recognising that they followed through on the Government’s election commitments. 

WHIN CEO Helen Riseborough looks forward to working with the government to ensure the funding commitments in this budget are available for all women across Victoria.  

“We’re pleased to see the Victorian Government commitment to women’s health in this year’s budget,” Helen said.  

“The investment in the women’s health clinics is most welcome and we look forward to future investment in primary prevention and health promotion because we know that this work stops illness.” 

Helen said the network was supportive of the Gender Equality Budget Statement, including the implementation of gender responsive budgeting, and were keen to understand how future budgets and government investment would support ongoing reform. 

“It is vital the lived experience of women’s health and wellbeing is centred in our work going forward.  

“This long-term work requires ongoing investment, and we are not there yet.” Helen concluded. 

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